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Winworld India Future Group is currently running fourth-generation family-owned business with six decades of history in the city of Bengaluru and its service has been spread over India. The company is administered by group of Entrepreneurs, who are into business from 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation with the business experience of more than 50 years close to 6 decades in the city of Bangalore. As early as 1960-70's, initially WWIFG ventured into Automobiles, Power and General engineering along with niche of food and retail businesses. The younger and present generation ventured into cable with satellite television & finance businesses in the year 1998.

Bangalore Press Trust

Bangalore Press trust was registered in the year 2018 and commenced functioning in 2019.

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GC&C Technologies

WWIFG has ventured into new start-up company named GC&C (Graham Cooper & Cerf Technologies) Technologies.

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Winworld Realty

From 1999 and settled many land properties across the Bangalore and other major cities in South India.

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Winworld Construction & Interiors

Modern times call for diverse decors. Every family and community have different perception towards decor.

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services,Residential Plots in Bangalore

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How am I ever gonna explain this? Hey, Luke! May the Force be with you.

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we will do our best with the help and hope of everybody.

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We enjoy the work, and try to act respectful to all our customers.

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We design and build solutions as new trends and technologies.


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