WWIFG ventured into news-media with its online and web news series. It employs a team of journalists of stringers to hide virtually to reach each district in Karnataka and cover major cities across India. Bangalore Press Trust jointly placed quite large number of stories and Pictures daily to feed the expensive appetencies of the various subscribers, the specialized presses. Bangalore Press Trust also primarily based in leading capitals and vital business and centers across the major cities in India. In coming years Bangalore Press Trust additionally has exchange arrangements with various international news agencies to enlarge its world news footprint.

Bangalore Press Trust was registered in the year 2018 and commenced functioning in 2019. Since from start of our service, Bangalore Press Trust actually experience within the heritage of its work and in its contribution towards building a free and honest Press in Republic of India.

Bangalore Press Trust has launched a new online web news portal (Daily News Now) in the year 2019. This web news portal initially launched in English language and in next coming years we will launching the same news portal in Kannada and in other regional languages. Currently Bangalore Press Trust is mainly concentrating specially in Bangalore and other major cities across Karnataka, National and in coming years we will be concentrate Internationally.

Advantages of using web news portals

1. Unlike once observance the news on TV, or once being attentive to it on the radio, on-line news services permit the user to settle on that articles they hear, watch, or read. This can be helpful, as folks don’t “waste their time” on articles that don’t interest them – they solely get privy concerning what will interest them.

2. News articles from round the world will all be accessed from one place – there’s no got to switch between multiple websites to urge news from completely different countries.

3. It’s free, unlike buying Newspapers which can cost.

4. There is no limit to what percentage articles one will scan. With Newspapers, individuals will solely scan the articles contained inside the Newspaper

5. Newspapers cannot update themselves, as a result of they are physical, therefore if a story has had some benefits, individuals can ought to look forward to, and however successive issue to be told regarding it. Once a writing is on-line, it is often updated mechanically, therefore all updates are instant and there’s no hove to be compelled to look forward to these to be place in situation

6. Online news services have the flexibility to create articles a lot of interactive. Videos are often inserted into articles aboard text and photos once the article is virtual.